Lockdown in Scotland


Lockdown in Scotland
Just before Lockdown started, my girls and I travelled from Plymouth to Scotland where my partner lives. Long story short, we got stuck there for 3 months. So with my girls and just my camera to hand, I basically did the only thing to keep me sane throughout this time. I documented it.
I am Zephy, mother of two beautiful girls and I have been doing a personal 365 project to keep me inspired and motivated this year whilst on maternity leave, as soon as my daughter Hazel was born in October 2019 I was afraid I wouldn’t capture enough which is one of the reasons I keep my camera so close. I was once told that if you force yourself to take photographs every day then you grow as an artist and you become so much more creative than you ever thought you could be, and gosh how I have grown.
The Lockdown project was mainly inspired by my girls, but also many documentary photographers that I have come across whilst studying my degree at Plymouth College of Art. Sally Mann, Lindsay Saunders and Megan Loeks are just a few who inspire me daily all who have documented their children in the most beautiful, authentic ways and I simply just wanted to develop my own style. Compared to Plymouth’s urban surroundings, being stuck in rural Scotland was literally a dream. The light was beautiful, fields surrounded us and when I started getting more creative with the lighting and composition, it became clear I wanted to turn them all into black and white in the hopes of creating a book. There is something so beautiful about capturing real moments, and what’s even more lovely is creating an editorial series with lots of narrative. In the past I have always tried to produce strong solo images, but whilst studying I really enjoyed the theoretical side of creating editorial work and I feel reading now influences a lot of my personal projects. My daughters are 9 years apart, whilst my eldest April talks of being a tween soon (an age that fascinates me and has influenced previous projects) and with my daughter Hazel just 9 months old, despite their age difference their relationship is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
My work is usually so full of colour, but for me this project just felt right in black and white and sort of timeless. Lockdown has been intense for so many of us creatives, for me I am used to being so busy with my girls and my work that taking the time to pause and just ‘be’ it was bound to bring out some beautifully authentic moments that I simply adored capturing.
I have created a personal book for my partner and his family but a public version of this book will be available through my website very soon. Here are a few of my favourites:

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