Top places to visit in Cornwall – Eden Project

We love Cornwall and there are just so many great beautiful places to visit, and even though we have been down this area for years there are still so many places left for me and April to go. A regular place for us to visit is the Eden Project as it’s only an hour away, we pay for a local’s pass which means buying just the one ticket and going back for free within the next 12 months and we definately make the most of it. Eden is the perfect getaway to be around nature and learn more about plants, fruits and much much more.

The main attractions are the two biomes, a Mediterranean Biome and a Rainforest Biome both with different characteristics and beautiful things to see. The Mediterranean Biome is the cooler of the two and we always find new things depending on the season particularly the fruits and vegetables, this time round they had different types of tomatoes growing on the vines and we watched one of the team clean the budding Citron trees by hand. Last christmas there was an amazing lightshow in here at night with beautiful music, check out here for upcoming shows and events.

The Rainforest Biome is the warmer one, we recommend wearing clothes that are loose fitting, no jeans and to take some water with you. The higher you walk, the warmer you get but there are cooling points and various water fountains dotted about. Don’t miss the canopy walk or the cloud bridge as this is where April spends most of her time having fun with the other children and occasional adult! As well as seeing amazing plants such as the Cacao trees, bananas, learning about palm oil and how rubber is made, these biomes feel like stepping into completely different worlds and particularly for those who don’t go abroad this makes you feel one step closer.

Moving onto the food it is simply amazing, I always reserve some extra pennies just to have a meal here as I am never disappointed, their own grown veggies are fantastic! We also recommend having their ice cream too which is just delicious, check out April’s picture for once without it around her face!

We will be visiting again very soon for Chrismas time as their grotto is the most magical experience around by far and would highly recommend anybody looking for an authentic and unique experience for their family this year. They also have an ice rink to slip over together with all the family, hehe!

Another lovely time with my girl and nature, we even bought another foliage plant to add the collection. Please go visit if you haven’t already or visit again soon and we shall see you amongst the plants!

With love,

from April to Zephy xx

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